Hey Fam.

I’m Kristina.

A Southern California native and so happy you are here.

I am a wife to my college sweetheart, a mama to our wild boy Colton, and a lover of the ocean. I have a strong a passion for health and wellness and with that passion want to pour my soul into helping other women.


While I feel like I am just your average 29 year old mama, I am here to share my experiences in hopes that it can connect with you.


It is my goal to not only help you achieve the ultimate #mombod but to empower your inner confidence during pre-natal moments, pregnancy, and post partum. 

Where my bad a$$ women at?

My Story.

The middle child of three that grew up in a loving household but also a child of divorce. I navigated through tough times with the Lord, sports, my friends and the outdoors. I graduated with a B.A in Kinesiology from University of Hawaii at Hilo, where I met my best friend/now husband Steffen there (I actually didn’t like him when I met him). I am an aspiring nurse currently en route to nursing school while figuring out mama hood one day at time.


Through years of trying to figure out the "right formula" to achieve the "dream body", post partum, a world pandemic, and isolation - I have learned more about myself and the person that I want to be than ever before. I’ve made decisions to holistically heal my body from post partum hormones and anxiety, rediscovering my purpose and career, my mindset, actively strengthening my walk in faith, and ready to connect and help you figure it out too!

With all the love,

Kristina Miner