In a Society Full of Somebody's.

Recently, it has been weighing on my heart the social pressure of not having a part in this world. I have oddly felt very alone and in desperation for something to the fill the void. I quickly jump to social media where I don't get much in return but rather an even emptier feeling of feeling like everyone is somebody's while I am a nobody. Well let me tell you.. YOU ARE SOMEBODY and SO AM I.

So here are some unapologetic thoughts that I typed on my phone and now typing to whoever decides to read this:

I am a nobody in a world of what seems to be a whole lot of somebody's. Social media is measured by likes, followers, comments - and our value seems to shine through this. I got rid of social media two different times in my life due to the social pressure and what was tied to it. When I did decide to get it back, I felt like I stepped into a world of influencers and a whole lot of somebody's. The awkward need to catch up to them and catch up in life. We live in a world where is has so much influence in our life and while it can be good, it can also be detrimental to mental health.

When I go down these rabbit holes of social media, I start to think - "how do I travel like she does?" "how did she just have a baby and look so good while I'm over here struggling?" "wow that's a lavish life" "when is it my turn..." and the list goes on.

Often times when I ask myself these things, I have learned two different things to help.

1. Am I ready to do another social media detox. Log off for however long and really sit in life and the greatness that it gives me.

2. I answer my own questions to see just how much I have to be grateful for.

I have learned to fill up my mind with all the things that have filled up my cup; my friends, living close to the ocean, my family, Jesus, people I have met through social media, and find that great sense of gratitude in my life. Something that has started out so negative, really made me think of what beauty can come out of it.

Yes; I am a speck on this Earth. But what I do know, is that I am a somebody.

I am a wife

I am a mother

I am a daughter

I am a sister

I am a friend

I am a daughter of God and because of him, I am somebody and I am enough.

I was made for a purpose and while I am still on a journey to figure out fully what that is, I do know that I am serving a purpose in each and every stage of my life. We are made for a purpose to simply be a parent, to reach a friend in a moment of struggle, to compliment a stranger, or simply to pray for our world. The way we do our jobs every single day or the simple conversations we have with people around us, make us so valuable to society.

So here is my little phone reminder to you.

You are a whole lot of someone to somebody!

Love Always,



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