Oops...I did it again.

This looks familiar, like I have been here before. Oh wait, I have!

For those of you that have followed my blogs before, it goes without saying that it was pretty saturated in just fitness and all the things that related to it. Well I’m back with an upgraded new look and a lot more to share than just fitness. For those of you that are new -


Let’s start off by clearing up a couple things:

Did I strive away from fitness?

No. It has actually been a huge part of this past year in my mental health and my post partum health. I am just not actively typing up plans, creating plans, or training/coaching. I am working out for my own health and self care. Although, I would love nothing more to continue to create fitness plans for others, it is something that I am using as therapy and lifestyle rather than work.

Why start another blog if I deleted the last one?

To be plain and simple.. it’s a space that I can utilize my sense of creativity. I am huge on journaling and this is my way to reflect and have fun while potentially reaching friends or strangers. I have learned a lot in the last year from staying home, being a new mama, learning about my body, hormones, post partum, and actually living day by day that I wanted to write about it all.

What’s changed since 2019/2020?

I started school! I have always wanted to be a nurse, which I will go into more depth about later. I am currently finishing up my pre-reqs for my final applications to nursing schools and praying to get in for the Fall (yes, you'll be brought a long through this journey). I now have a 15 month old wild boy and man this age is so fun! My husband lost his job... not the brightest spot in the year but we made light of it. Because of this we never missed a single milestone in Colton's time and Steffen got to spend a lot of time with us. Due to the unfortunate financial loss though, we had to move back in with family. Here is to paying off debt, extra helping hands, saving money, and praying to purchase a home in the near future. We celebrated weddings, went on a lot of mini staycations, got creative with birthdays, and ventured the outdoors way more than normal. We learned how to be more present than ever before and truly sought out spontaneous adventure. My husband got a job (our Christmas miracle)! Had a few... or maybe more than a few mental breakdowns, but overall really just lived in the moment and was able to slow down.

Goodbye New Year’s Resolutions and Hello Lifelong Goals

Things I have gained in 2020

  • It’s okay to not be okay.

  • Check in on your friends and family.

  • Make that spontaneous trip just because you can.

  • Get outside often.

  • Learn new recipes.

  • Learn a new hobby.

  • Self-reflecting can lead to great things.

  • Thank your body.

  • Trust in his timing because it meant for you.

Things I strive for in 2021

  • Financial freedom.

  • Acceptance into nursing school.

  • Maintaining the things I gained from 2020 and instilling them into 2021.

  • Accepting change as a light rather than dark.

  • Creating the healthiest mental and physical Kristina there can be.

  • Falling in love with my faith and relationship with Christ. Forever growing this relationship.

  • Unapologetically being the best version of myself.

What are you most excited for in 2021?

Love Always,



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