Pregnancy: Things I Wish I Knew

Did you ever have those people that made pregnancy out to be a fairytale? Because I did.

Now before I start writing this, I don't want people to be afraid of pregnancy. It truly is an incredible thing and just WOW, it's so cool. I also want to preface that each and every pregnancy is different, and while some women love their pregnancies others may not have. This goes to show that each body is extremely different, each pregnancy is beautiful, and every mom is superwoman. I asked a few different moms to give me their input because just hearing my experience keeps it a bit limited on information so LET'S GET TO IT!

Back to the people that made pregnancy out to be a fairytale, I had one of those. My own mom haha. The way she talked about pregnancy was truly magical, like from a movie type magical. Easy, beautiful, and overall, not many complaints. I went into pregnancy SO excited to have this experience.... then I got pregnant. Hormone shift, nausea, mental struggles and all. I was frustrated often at the things I thought I could do but couldn't (walking upstairs made me cry) because I didn't understand why it was so hard. I was confused and truly couldn't comprehend what my body was doing. Don't worry, this all changed once I gave birth and now being PP, I get it. So much happened that I wasn't aware of and wanted to share from a community of mamas and myself of Things I Wish I Knew: Pregnancy Edition.


  • "Boobs - Yes, they grow and veins do appear." "Boobs just get wild"

  • "You may leak down there - get absorbent underwear."

  • Melasma, I was so confused by this but my skin changed so much. I sort of miss that little circle on my cheek.

  • Lightening crotch is a thing, I often told my husband to slow down when we were walking.

  • "Hips and Back will get sore." Massages and stretching truly helps! Also maybe invest in a back pillow.

  • My nose was always SO stuffy, to me personally might have been the most annoying part.

  • "Your lady bits might get swollen even before baby" Maybe avoid a mirror?

  • "The bad taste in my mouth and no matter how many times I'd brush my teeth it would just continue to be there."

  • "You definitely lose the ability to hold your pee" - I personally have a funny story, I just got done with a target run and was bringing bags inside and then I sneezed. I peed down both my legs and even though nobody was around I called my husband simply because I was embarrassed of myself.

  • "I didn't know skin tags or hemorrhoids were a thing" sista, neither did I hahaha.

  • "Brushing my teeth would be a task in its own"

  • "Foot pain, if you get bad swelling in your feet nobody really talks about the foot pain that stays for months" I feel this, my shoe size went up a half size and I heard of other mamas that go up a full size with each kid!

  • "ALL the symptoms go up and down, they don't always just go away and nobody talks about it"

  • "I had three different pregnancies and each of them were a different experience"


  • "Mood swings are real, make sure your spouse/partner is aware because mine just thought I was being b***" hahaha to our partners - sorry for what we said when we were pregnant.

  • Tears, there are a lot of tears. It's okay, we are going through MASSIVE changes. Focus on things that make you smile and give yourself a whole lot of grace.

  • "Support systems are CRUCIAL. Having new mommy friends, pregnant friends, and just friends that check in on you." This one speaks to the soul.

  • "Not everyone's hormones are the same - pregnant sex wasn't all butterflies and rainbows that people talked about. I was uncomfortable and had very little drive that lasted well into postpartum. Not enough people talk about this and I wish I knew then that this is normal and that nothing was wrong with me."

  • "I didn't realize the exhaustion would be so hard. I thought it was just being "tired" but you feel EXHAUSTED" another mama said the same "I wasn't able to feel better until I took a nap". I felt that way too - even as an athlete, I hadn't known a tiredness like that.

  • Talk to someone if you're having a hard time - I felt so guilty for not always enjoying my pregnancy. It was an overall great experience physically but I struggled mentally and I didn't know how to communicate that. I felt bad that mentally I wasn't always in a good head space when I was relatively healthy and that poor mental head space carried into post-partum because I didn't acknowledge it. The best thing I did was seek out a therapist, get holistic support for my hormones, and started to seriously practice positive self-talk.

Pregnancy is whirlwind of things. It is a time that we as women learn so much about ourselves and our bodies. As you can see, each mom had different experiences, each mom had things that they didn't know if it was normal during the time, and each mom is an absolute rock-star.

It's important to know we are not alone and that in our own version we can have a magical story because it's what makes us unique. I may not have felt like I had my mom's movie like experience, but often times she says she feels that way because she birthed three incredible children that she loves so much and that... I can relate too. I will thank my body every day and will thank it for everything it taught me. My body created an awesomely, wild little life and although it came with some ups and down - we should be so proud of our journey's.

What was your journey like? Comment below I would love to know!

With love,

Kristina and all the other bad bass mamas